Thursday, March 5, 2015

SNOW DAY - again

We got 8".  My Cute Husband made 2 trips out to run his snow blower.  And Mom and I? We were NOT on a plane to Florida to visit Kid#2.  Instead of sitting on the patio in short sleeves, I spent the day puttering ... in a sweatshirt and warm socks.

I came across 4 yards of very pink flannel ... wonder what the heck THAT was for.  I made a quilt back for a very old UFO.  My Rangley Stars (Deb Tucker pattern) is well on it's way to being DONE!

Tomorrow, because I still won't be in Florida, this quilt will get finished!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4-Patch Posy


I really needed to "think Spring"
This is a new pattern I will be teaching at Spring Water Designs. 

I love how the center blocks were a surprise!

Not the best photos - someday it will be nice outside and I can take some fence photos ... Someday ... But not tomorrow - we're going to have a SNOW day!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


A Christmas quilt finish!  I'm calling it : 5 Cent Christmas

It's from Pat Speth's book : Nickel Quilts.  I took a class from her last winter with the hopes of having a new Christmas quilt ... for Christmas.  I missed the deadline by a smidge ... but it's DONE!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

SNOW Day Update

Not much snow and by noon it was all done and looks pretty reasonable outside ... but I'm still calling it a SNOW Day.  My evening class was cancelled and Mom does Not want to go out to the hairdresser.  Sew.....

I got a little customer quilt done ... the quilt is little, Jane is a normal size lady. 

The first thing I would do (after binding), if this was mine,  is wash and dry this quilt - it's so sweet and after washing, it's going to crinkle and be sew cozy!

I've also trimmed up my Nickle Christmas quilt AND finished the stitching on my sample needle keeper AND made a few more 4-patch posy blocks.

Now ... what to do ...???


Woo HOO!! 2 days in a row - I'm really rocking this blog thing.  

It's snowing ... I'm undecided if it's a SNOW DAY or just a day that it happens to be snowing. Either way - surprise ... I have a ton of projects to work on - sewing, knitting, stitching, crocheting, quilting.  

Which one which one which one?

Nickel Christmas is quilted.  It needs to be trimmed and bound.

4-Patch Posy is started.  I need to make some more blocks and write up the directions ... Because yesterday I thought I needed to START a project and it had to be a SPRING project.

My beautiful knitted afghan is close to being done - only 36 rows left!

Let's see - what else ...
The Fern Ridge sweater parts are all done - needs to be put together and the button band knitted.
2 charity quilts are waiting for the HandiQuilter magic and 2 customer quilts.
I have yarn all ready for a knit-along that started last Sunday ... I'm a few days late.
A needle keeper class sample that needs the final stitching done - before May, plenty of time.
2 of MY quilts finally got borders.  They need some HQ magic.
BOM Enchanted Garden - #9 (of 9!) is all prepped.  Now I have to do the fancy stuff.
Imperial Blooms block 8 (of 9) is almost done.

Jeez ... Here I sit chatting with you and watching the snow.  The coffee is done!  I'm ready to jump start my day.

Unless ... 

if it turns out to be a SNOW DAY, then I get to crochet.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Sharon's Grand Illusion - Bonnie Hunter 2014 Mystery

Starlyn's BOM - from Spring Water Designs 

I have the patterns and most of the fabric ... I did not participate but I just might have to make this quilt.

Leslie's Patriotic quilt for her husband.

My quilt - I ran out of thread and was in a holding pattern.  My fabulous friend, Starlyn, came through for me.  I should have a quilting finish today!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Too Early/Too Late?

1. Selveges are a wonderful thing.  This is NOT my oldest piece of fabric.  It is fun to see just how old it is - thank you selvege!

2. Using up orphan bits is USEFUL.

3. Pieced backing for a quilt is FUN.

4. It's never too early OR too late to work on a Christmas quilt, or the backing for a Christmas quilt.

I took extra care to ensure that the reindeer were standing up.  Now - if I can manage to load this in the correct direction with the quilt top ... THEN we will call it a success.