Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sad Knitting

Knitting does NOT make me sad (usually). I'm not knitting for a sad reason or making something for a sad person.  BUT ... this is a sad story about my knitting.

Ever been on jury duty? I've been selected for a federal criminal trial. I can't speak about the case but I can say - it's mostly interesting when we're in the court room.  But we spend a lot of time not in the court room - that's idle time and I bring knitting.

I finished a pair of socks.  

That's not the sad part.

Some very good progress was made on the yoke of a sweater.  This is the 2nd time I've attempted this sweater and it was going great this time.  2nd time, as in, the 1st time I had to rip it out and put the whole thing in time out.  "Going Great" until I pulled it out yesterday morning to work on (during my pre-coffee hour).  Seems I made a mistake in the cable.  A big fat glaring mistake, and no, I did not take a picture of the mistake because I thought I could ignore it.

I couldn't ignore it.  I knitted a few more rows (silly me) until I couldn't ignore it any more.  
Maybe I could fix it!  This took some real courage.  I dropped 12 stitched and intentionally unraveled them back about a million rows.

I got another set of knitting needles and a good part of my Saturday was spent reknitting those 12 stitches - in a cable pattern.  I had to rip it back a couple of times and fiddle with it a lot.

And ... TA-DAH!

I did it.

Ninja knitting!  How cool is that - I fixed a big problem!

That's not the sad part.

This morning I pulled out the directions to read what comes next ...
I have to rip it out ... all of it ... all ... of ... it ...
The directions very clearly state - "increase every 4th row". 
I increased every 2nd row.  
It won't work the way I did it.

That is the sad part.

Today - I'm switching to sewing.

Jury Duty

I'm On a trial ... Be back soon.

For some reason - this post didn't publish and I didn't realize it didn't publish until I opened up my blog to write a new post ... about a very sad knitting experience.  

So here's this blog post to explain where I was last week (and this week).  Now I'm going to write another blog post and whine a bit about my sad knitting experience.

Thanks in advance for listening.

EDIT ... Jeez ... It said "not published. Try again". So I added stuff and resent it.  
I'm confused - no surprise there!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


A little sewing, a little knitting, a little reading, even a little tv watching.  Oh yeah - and dinner/movie date - it was a great weekend!

Visited an old friend

Cut a bunch more and packed it back up ... good retreat project.

And an OP - cute little quilt

Loved this fabric

Tomorrow starts my first day of jury duty.  I have knitting and a book packed. It has the potential to be a very long time lllloooonnnggggg day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cute Alert

This is Brenda's quilt.  I've never seen this panel before and it is so stinkin' CUTE.

Love all the little cats and birds.

My own little kitty loves sleeping on quilts.

This is his newest favorite spot.

Love It!

I know ... right?!!

239 little 1/2-square triangles and I still have lots in the barrel.

All it needs is an outer border.  I'm thinking maybe a homespun stripe

Monday, January 25, 2016


Yes, me - I am a genius. 

I save triangles ... lots and lots of triangles, of all sizes.  I've been sewing them together "leader/ender style" for years. Which means - I have lots and lots of 1/2-square triangles.

When I have 4 that match (or at least look good together - I make pinwheel blocks.

I know - it does seem weird.

But ... Look at these little beauties.

These have a purpose - finally!  I pulled out a bunch of 1/2-squares that will finish at 1" (I know - teeny).

They are prefect for the sashing of my Buttermilk Basin 2015 BOM.

This is going to be the cutest little quilt.  I need something like 200 little 1" 1/2-square triangles, and I just happen to have them already made and waiting.


Someday, I might need 2" 1/2-squares or 1.5" 1/2-squares or 2" pinwheels or 3" pinwheels or .....

I will be ready!